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Intelligent Business Systems

Intellisys (formerly CCI Telephone) is a Utah company providing advanced communications, computing, and networking services and equipment since 1970.
Contact us at:
2451 South 600 West, Suite 100
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
Office: (801)975-7466
Fax: (801)978-2233
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Nov 5, 20043Com Convergence Applications Suite Wins "Best of Show" at INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO Fall 2004
Oct 21, 20043Com and PulverInnovations Combine Wi-Fi and SIP for New Mobile IP Telephony Solution
Oct 19, 2004AudioCodes and 3Com Sign OEM Agreement
Oct 12, 20043Com launches set of products for IP telephony
Oct 11, 2004City of Waukesha sees savings and further productivity with new 3Com module
Jul 14, 2004Customers want more IP telephony options, says 3Com
Jun 29, 2004***Intellisys In News*** Comdial Announces New Industry-Standard Converged Communications Solution Drives Corporate Growth Initiatives and Reduces Costs
Jun 8, 2004Iwatsu Voice Networks Announces New Hybrid IP/TDM PBX
Jun 2, 2004Comdial Solutions Aid Homeland Security
May 27, 2004Mark Lindsay of Comdial Corporation Joins Enterprise Communications Association's Board of Directors
May 25, 2004Comdial's DX-80 Aids Fire Department in Improving Service to the Community
May 5, 2004Gartner: Worms Jack Up the Total Cost of Windows
May 3, 2004BLOG Entry: Passwords that should NEVER be used!
Mar 15, 20043Com's Router Solution Upgrades Constituent Services for Campbell County, Kentucky
Mar 11, 2004Comdial's New CONVERSip Solutions Enhance Enterprise Productivity and Profitability
Mar 9, 20043Com Ranks among the Top on FORTUNE's America's Most Admired Companies List
Mar 9, 2004Comdial Announces New Chief Executive Officer
Mar 8, 2004Iwatsu Steps Up In Class With IP-Centric SME PBX
Mar 4, 20043Com Unveils Next Generation of IP/SIP Business Phone; Voice Quality and Convenience Features Can Help Boost User Productivity
Mar 2, 2004Security Warning on Internet Telephony
Mar 1, 2004Qwest Leads With "Naked DSL"
Mar 1, 20043Com Launches VoIP Solution Provider program for Application Developers and Reseller Partners
Feb 24, 2004SIP Heralds 'Next Wave' Of Communications
Feb 24, 2004Plantronics Takes Aim At VoIP Segment With IP Telephony Headset Initiative
Feb 23, 2004VoIP Takes Off: Equipment Market Grew 21% in 2003 and is Projected to Grow 305% to $5 Billion in 2007
Feb 18, 2004Qwest Announces New Wireless, DSL Offerings
Feb 17, 20043Com Unveils Pervasive Network Security Strategy
Feb 9, 2004Qwest's New Data Strategy Emphasizes MPLS, Private IP
Feb 9, 2004RADVISION to Provide SIP Server Developer Toolkit for Iwatsu America SIP Product Development
Feb 5, 2004VPN-VoIP: More Than a Network, Integration of VPN-VoIP with Internet telephony can help reduce communication costs
Feb 5, 2004Mature IP-PBX Technology Fuels More IP-Centric Deployments, Finds ABI
Feb 3, 20043Com's New WAN Routers Are the Industry's First WAN Routers To Be 'Tolly Verified' for Interoperability with Cisco Router
Feb 2, 2004Qwest Backed Bill Could Kill Utopia Fiber Optic Project For Utah Cities
Feb 2, 20043Com Awarded 2003 'Product of the Year' by TMC's Internet Telephony Magazine for VCX V7000 PBX
Jan 27, 2004Healthcare Company Novartis Saves With 3Com NBX Solution
Jan 20, 20043Com Awards U.S. Cities for Improving Education Systems and Public Communications with Technology
Jan 20, 2004CyberGuard's SnapGear Launches New Embedded Firewall NIC with IDS
Jan 20, 20043Com Redefines the Network Edge with Its Unique Line of "In-the-Wall" Ethernet Switches
Jan 19, 2004Comdial Awarded 2003 "Product of the Year" By TMC's INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine
Jan 14, 2004Comdial Announces New IP Telephony Solution
Jan 14, 20043Com Introduces New Switch With 96Gbps Fail-Over Redundant Fabric
Jan 14, 2004CyberGuard Upgrades SnapGear Firewall Appliance With IDS and Web Cache
Jan 13, 20043Com Releases Super-Switch With Built-in Security
Jan 12, 2004Iwatsu Voice Networks to Feature New ADIX IP Technology and Next Gen IP System at Call Center Demo & Conference
Jan 7, 2004Comdial Appoints Industry Veteran Neil Lichtman as President
Dec 31, 2003Power Over Ethernet Generates Excitement
Dec 30, 2003King Technologies, Inc. Announces Acquiring Rights To Manufacture Newly Discontinued Comdial Products
Dec 28, 2003BizReport: Internet Stopped Being Fun This Year
Dec 15, 20033Com Preps Enterprise VoIP Partner Plan To Market VCX IP Telephony Solution
Dec 12, 2003Iwatsu Electric Launches NetSpeak SIP-Based Server-Type VoIP System
Dec 11, 2003Viruses, Worms Will Worsen in 2004
Dec 10, 2003Salt Lake City has doubts on backing Utopia
Dec 10, 20033Com Gigabit Ethernet: the Surprisingly Sensible Upgrade
Dec 8, 2003Prudential Northwest Properties Lands New Customers Using Secure 3Com Voice and Data Network
Dec 4, 20033Com NBX Unified messaging lets support staff get alerts while on the road
Nov 17, 2003Utah, 18 Cities to Install $470M Fiber Network as Public Internet Utility for Residents
Nov 13, 2003CyberGuard to Acquire SnapGear, Extending Product Line to Edge of Enterprise and Adding Embedded Linux Security Technology
Nov 10, 2003Tech Trends: Qwest to be first to offer Internet-based phone service
Nov 4, 2003Novell Enters Agreement To Purchase SuSe Linux, Now Worlds Largest Linux Distributor
Nov 3, 2003Dell Introduces Pentium 4 Extreme Edition High-Performance Workstations
Nov 3, 2003Survey of CIOs suggests increase in VoIP spending
Oct 31, 2003Interview: 3Com deals for big business
Oct 29, 2003Review: Samba 3 250% Faster Than Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Oct 21, 2003SnapGear Offers New Software System To Manage Thousands Of Secure Internet Connections
Oct 13, 2003Nortel Adds VoIP Capabilities To Existing Norstar Systems
Oct 10, 2003Lessons from The Edge: VoIP In The WAN
Oct 8, 20033Com has Cisco in its sights
Oct 7, 2003Iwatsu America's ADIX IP Technology Enables International Voice Network for Special Devices, Inc.
Oct 6, 2003University of Utah Researchers Find Multiple Monitors Increase PC User's Productivity 10 Percent
Oct 3, 2003Analysis IPSec VPNs vs. SSL VPNs
Oct 3, 2003InfoWorld Review: SnapGear packs big firewall into small package
Oct 1, 2003Firewalls no match for war dialling
Oct 1, releases major update of the popular free challenger to Microsoft's office suite
Sep 29, 20033Com Add Routers To Broaden It's High-Performance, Enterprise Communications Portfolio And Offer New End-to-End Solutions
Sep 29, 2003Snapgear Releases World's First Production Linux System Powered By 2.6 Kernel
Sep 27, 2003Qwest Business and Residential Customers to get $34.25 Credit
Sep 25, 20033Com Teams With AudioCodes To Offer VoIP Gateways
Sep 24, 2003Samba Team Releases Samba 3.0 Providing Seamless Unix - Microsoft Windows Integration
Sep 23, 2003Iwatsu's ADIX APS Wins Communications Convergence Editor's Choice Award!
Sep 20, 2003Open Source Community Writes An Open Letter to SCO's CEO Darl McBride
Sep 16, 2003SnapGear unveils Embedded Linux for Intel's gigabit network processors
Sep 15, 2003IP PBX Shipments Rise 17% in 2Q03 According To Dell'Oro Group
Sep 15, 2003Comdial Awarded Patent for Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Diagnostic Technology
Sep 15, 2003Motor giant Ford is switching to Linux for its sales systems, human resources, customer relations and infrastructure
Sep 5, 2003VoIP on the verge of becoming commonplace
Sep 3, 2003Comdial recognized for industry leadership.
Aug 27, 20033Com and Aspect Agree On Development, Sales And Marketing Of IP Telephony Solutions
Aug 24, 20033Com, BrightArrow Technologies form partnership to deliver business comms solutions
Aug 14, 2003One of America's Most Wired Hospitals, Univsersity of Utah, Continues Innovating with 3ComŽ Network Jacks and Networked Telephony
Aug 5, 2003New SnapGear Security Appliances Deliver Secure, High Availability Internet Connections to SMEs
Jun 24, 2003City of Chicago selects Comdial FXII as PBX Solution of Choice
Jun 16, 2003Comdial Announces FXII Converged Platform 3.0
Jun 9, 2003Comdial Acquires Soundpipe assets to strengthen technology portfolio
Jun 3, 2003North Dakota Community Saves Big With Comdial VoIP Technology
May 13, 2003New ADIX IP Voice Solution Breaks Communication Barriers for Remote Workers and Remote Offices
Mar 18, 2003SnapGear Announces Revolutionary Enterprise Security Technology for Defense-In-Depth - PCI1630 Stateful Firewall NIC
Mar 17, 2003Iwatsu Announces Release of ADIX Software Version 8.1x and ADIX IP Telephony

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